Thursday, November 02, 2006

Conference Parking


Dear MIND members,

Attached is a map of UTA that the Parking Office sent me. The print is pretty scrunched when you get to it but I was able to zoom in by clicking on parts. The location of tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday’s MIND conference, Nedderman Hall, is labeled “NH” on the map and circled. It’s toward the northwest side of the main part of campus, just east of the “main drag,” Cooper Street, and just south of UTA Boulevard (which some of you may have known as Border Street, in fact it becomes Border further east).

I have obtained 25 temporary parking hangtags so you can use those UTA lots which are not gated (the numbered lots as opposed to those labeled “F” for faculty and staff). The closest to Nedderman would be lots 33 and 34 just across Cooper to the West. There is also 36 north of UTA Blvd , at the Social Work school, but that’s more likely to be crowded.

You’ll need one of those for free parking on Friday. Saturday it’s OK to park in any UTA lot without a permit. I have the hangtags with me: if you want to get one ahead of time, the best way, particularly if you are coming from Dallas, is to stop first at the Arlington Hilton where speakers are staying: I will be at the Hilton between 8 and 8:30 AM, either in the lobby or the breakfast area. Please let me know if you expect to come to the Hilton first. Otherwise I will need to give you the tag at the conference and have someone walk over to your car and put it on. I have been led to believe that even in the unlikely event you get a ticket after parking there the parking office will be likely to dismiss it if you bring it in with the hangtag later and tell them you’re there for the neural net meeting. Alternatively there is the Maverick Parking Garage further south and east (on West St. between 3rd and 4th on the map: please note that West is one-way going north at that point), for which you’d need to pay $8 for the day.

Registration is picking up, the mechanics are falling into place, and I hope to see many of you there tomorrow!

Yours in the spirit of scientific adventure,

Dan Levine
Cell phone 817-247-9444


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